November 9, 2022: What's new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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Filters in Charts

  • Jurisdiction Region - we have allowed users to add in the jurisdiction region on structure charts, which in turn, filters out entities that don’t match the selected region/s.
  • Entity Type - we have added an entity type filter to our structure charts which will allow users to filter out any entities that don’t match the selected entity types.
  • Tags - we have included tags as a filter option in our structure charts. This will allow for an array of filtering possibilities that are customized based on entity tags. 






Canadian E-File 

When completing an Ontario E-filing, we will now validate the NAICS code and name in Athennian prior to the user filing. This will ensure better functionality with all of the recent OBR and ESC changes.



Fractional Shares 

Fractional shares, once saved, were not displaying accurately for some of our clients. They were rounding up or down with no decimal places. This has now been resolved and fractional shares will save correctly.