October 12, 2022: What’s new in Athennian

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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Floating Year End in Custom Reports

In order for you to be able to find all entities with their Fiscal Year End details, we’ve added two new fields to Custom Reports.  First, the Floating Fiscal Year End checkbox, and second the text input field (available only when the floating fiscal year end checkbox is ticked).  


See who created a saved custom report

Not knowing who created/owns a custom report can be tricky, especially when saved reports start adding up or when the owner leaves.  To help make it easier to track down the owner, we’ve added the name of the report owner right under the report name!


See who created and last modified a document in the Minute Book

To help keep track of who is updating and editing your minute books, you can now see the email for both the creator and last to modify all documents in the minute book.


New entity status default to Pending

New entities are often still in the works.  When manually creating a new entity, we’ve updated the default status for those entities to be Pending instead of Confirmed.


Director titles included on Entity Overview

We’ve added Director titles on the Entity Overview so you can get the high level information you need at a glance.


Read-only users have new abilities

In order to give read-only users the ability to get what they need from Athennian, we’ve updated their permissions so they can download Minute Books as a PDF and view entire notes from the Entity Overvivew.  

Expansion of the Compliance Notes field

There can be a lot of information that needs to be stored in the Compliance Notes of an entity.  To make it easier for you to read the whole note, we’ve added the ability to expand the note field.  Simply click and drag on the bottom right corner of the note to expand/contract the field.  



  • If a Minute Book fails to upload, the error message will persist until you choose to hide it
  • When exporting an XLSX from Athennian, if there are columns that are filled with numbers, you will be able to sort the columns numerically
  • For consistency, the New button in the Securities section is now blue like all other New buttons