October 19, 2022: What’s new in Athennian

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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Effective Date in Custom Reports

When changing the status of an entity, a field for Effective Date is made available.  To help you track these dates, you can now include it in your custom reports. 



Name an Annual Compliance task from the Formation Task workflow

When you choose to create an Annual Compliance Task when completing a Formation Task, you can now change the Memo Description of the new annual compliance task during the process!



Pin note upon creation

When creating a note, you may be creating it with the intention of pinning it.  Well, now you can pin it upon creation!


See entire folder name when moving documents to Minute Book

Folder names used to be truncated when moving documents in the documents section of an entity.  This could make it challenging to know whether you are moving the document to the correct folder or not, so we’re showing the whole name now!


Share Classes in Securities have a new look

Forget that you can change share classes in the transactions view?  Me too. To help remember, and make it more obvious you can switch between shareclasses in the securities view, we’ve given the Share Class selector a new look.


Alphabetized teams

Teams are an important part of managing groups of entities and users.  When the list gets long, finding the one you need can be cumbersome.  To help you in your search, teams are now listed in alphabetical order in both the dropdown team selector and your workspace view.  Note: when you create a new team, the new team will default to the top of the list until you navigate away from the page and, upon return, it will be in the appropriate alphabetical order.  

No more Annual Compliance Task blocker

To create a smoother workflow in the Annual Compliance Task, we’ve removed the unnecessary checklist of to do items when completing the task.  Now, when completing an annual compliance task, you’ll only be asked your preference for making changes to dates and/or creating the next annual compliance task. 



  • When including transactions in a Share Transaction Task as-at a specific date, the status of the transaction(s) presented will be as of the date selected