Tutorial #1 - Understanding Data in People and Entity Records

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Dive deep into the data stored in Athennian records. 

This is a comprehensive video that reviews the data and features available in People and Entity Records.  

(To change the playback speed or enable / disable closed captioning, click on the cog icon  in the bottom right corner of the video.)

Timestamps for anyone who might be looking for information on a specific topic:

00:00 Introduction and Overview
1:14 People Records
Entity Records
9:02 Searches and File Status
10:40 General Section & Overview
15:28 Entity Details and Entity Status
22:50 Compliance
30:17 Addresses
33:43 Registrations
36:42 Administration, Audit Trail and Custom Fields
37:40 Governance
41:50 Securities, Principals & Structure Charts
46:16 Relationships
53:10 Tasks
54:21 Documents
57:55 Minute Book

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