Tutorial #4 - Managing Compliance: Registrations, Reports and Tasks

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Registrations, Reports, and Tasks - oh my!

Managing the compliance of Entities is a very important process.  This session dives into the options available within Athennian to manage compliance data for all Registrations, create Reports to summarize that data, and use Tasks to track and document the work.

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Timestamps for anyone who might be looking for information on a specific topic:

0:00 Introduction and Overview
6:47 Registration Detail on Overview Page
7:24 Review of Home/Domestic Jurisdiction Detail
19:42 Registered Offices & Agents
23:10 Review of Registrations Detail
26:29 View Existing Registration
31:50 Create a New Registration
36:37 Field differences for a Property/Land Registration
38:28 Run a Compliance Reports
42:54 Edit the Columns/Results of a Report
45:15 Adjust Report Criteria & Exporting to Excel
50:10 Update, Copy, Create New Reports
52:06 Create Compliance Tasks
1:05:18 Complete Task and Update Registration Data