Tutorial #6 - Reports

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Create your own Reports in Athennian that meet the unique needs of your organization.  

Athennian centralizes Entity data in one location, and the Reports allow you to extract that data into Excel so you can work with that data outside of Athennian as well. This session reviews how to run saved Reports, make adjustments to existing Reports, and create new Reports as needed.

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Timestamps for anyone who might be looking for information on a specific topic:

0:00 Introduction to Reports
14:00 Navigating, Running, and Exporting Reports
20:15 Understanding Report Filters
30:10 Using Edit Columns to Change the Results
33:30 Action Button to Save and Change Reports
37:40 Create a New Report
51:25 Create an "All" Report Type
1:05:05 Advanced Reporting Tools