Tutorial #5 - Entity Maintenance: Using Tasks or Manual Corrections

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Options to help keep your Athennian data fresh and your work organized. 

To trust Athennian as a central source of truth, Entity data must be kept up to date. This session reviews how Tasks can assist with completing updates, and also shows how how similar changes could be managed manually, or through bulk update features.

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Timestamps for anyone who might be looking for information on a specific topic:

00:00 Introduction and Overview
11:17 Manage Updates using Tasks
18:03 Create Task Reminder
19:50 Generate Documents from a Task
23:10 Complete Task and Update Principal Data
25:05 Manually Change Principal Data
26:54 Bulk Change of Affiliations from an Entity
29:55 Bulk Change of Affiliations from a Person
33:10 Generate Principal & Affiliation Registers
34:54 Change of Company Name - Manual vs Task
37:33 Options for Viewing Tasks