Tutorial #2 - Entity Creation

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Learn how to create a new Entity Record and manage the documents related to the formation.

This session reviews how to create a new Entity record, using Tasks to form the Entity, and how to generate documents from Tasks and manage documents in the Minute Book.

Note: this session does not focus on the fields required to populate a new Entity, for that information, see Tutorial #1 - Understanding Data in People and Entity Records.  

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Timestamps for anyone who might be looking for information on a specific topic:

0:00 Introduction and Overview
4:11 Entity Creation from Scratch
9:19 Entity Creation from a Template
15:43 Formation Task
21:53 Generating Documents on a Task
24:13 Managing Documents in the Documents Section
28:45 Signing Documents within Athennian
30:49 Moving Documents to the Minute Book
32:20 Managing Documents within the Minute Book
36:21 Complete Formation Task
40:32 Organizational Task
43:52 Create a New Task
45:28 Updating the Status of the New Entity
46:06 Creating an Entity Template