Share/Stock/Unit Consolidation

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Learn how to Consolidate Shares of an issued Share/Stock/Unit Class.

To complete a Consolidation you will need to navigate to the Share Classes you wish to complete the Consolidation under Governance > Share Classes section. From here click directly on the Class you wish to consolidate.


Once you select the applicable Share Class, click Alter Class located in the bottom right hand corner.


After you select Alter you will be shown a list of all Alteration workflows available in Athennian. Select Consolidate Shares.


The next screen allows you to select the ratio, as well as the following options:

  • Cancel and re-issue

  • Round newly issues certificates, and

  • Apply the split to the authorized amount of shares within the class.

Once you have made the applicable selections, click Save at the bottom right-hand corner of the window. This will cancel all the outstanding Certificates (if selected) and reissue them under the Securities section. A corresponding transaction will also be made!


Success! You have completed a Consolidation in Athennian 🚀