Share/Stock/Unit Split

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Learn how to complete a Share/Stock/Unit Split in Athennian


Please note that this can only be performed in the same share class. Otherwise, please refer to this article.


To complete a Split or Subdivision, navigate to the Governance > Share Classes section of the entity and select the share classes.




Once the Share Class has been selected, click Alter Class located in the bottom right corner.




After selecting Alter, a list of all available Alteration workflows in Athennian will be shown. Select Split Shares.




The next screen allows users to select the ratio, as well as the following options:

  • Cancel and re-issue

  • Round newly issues certificates, and

  • Apply the split to the authorized amount of shares within the class.




Once the applicable selections have been made, click Save at the bottom right-hand corner of the window. This will cancel all the outstanding Certificates (if selected) and reissue them under the Securities section. A corresponding transaction will also be made!


Success! You have completed a Split in Athennian 🚀