Issuance Transactions

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Learn the dynamics of share classes and transactions.

To create transactions and issue related share certificates, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Entity > Securities > Shares;
  2. Click on the share class at the top of the screen to toggle between the different classes of shares
  3. Click +New in the Transactions tab to create a new share issuance transaction and select Issuance from the list of types of transactions;
  4. In the Issuance workflow there will be four tabs: Details, Shareholding, Certificate, and Review;
      • Details tab: enter the Transaction Date, Resolution Date, Number of Shares, and Price Per Share. Note: You can check off Blank Transaction Date if the date is unknown and come back in later to add the date.
      • Use the Other Consideration field to include notes for other types of consideration that were given in exchange for the shares, such as property or services.
      • Use the Use on Register, Use on Register From and Use on Register To fields to leave notes to be used in the registers describing the transaction.
  5. Shareholding tab: select the entity or person to which you would like to issue shares. If this entity has not yet issued shares, you will have to select Create new shareholding. When you create a new shareholding, you can either issue shares to a Person or an Entity. Select whether you're issuing shares to a Person or Entity and then select + Shareholder. Once you select the Person or Entity, their information will be imported into the transaction. Note: If you want to add multiple parties to an ownership interest, you can do so by adding another shareholder and describing the interest. You can also add a customized shareholding name to describe any interest configuration you want (e.x., ABC Inc. in trust for Catherine Smith). Read this Shareholders Signature article for more details
  6. Certificate: Verify the certificate to be issued. The certificate coding pattern comes from the one that you entered when creating a share class. Putting an asterix in the certificate code with make Athennian auto-generate the number of the certificates in sequential order. Click on Uncertificated Shares if the issued shares are uncertificated.
  7. Review: Review all of the information before confirming the transaction and drafting the applicable documents;
  8. Once you’re back at the main Securities > Shares > Transactions tab, you’ll see that your new Share Issuance will be there under Pending. Select the transaction and click Confirm in the bottom righthand corner to complete the transaction;
  9. Go to Securities > Shares > Certificates to find the new certificate issued pursuant to the transaction, and go to Securities > Shares > Shareholdings to view the new shareholding information;
  10. Finally, go to Entity > General > Overview to see the new shareholding information reflected under the Shareholdings heading.