Issuance onto Existing Certificates

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Add shares onto existing certificates through an issuance!

In Athennian, it’s easy to add additional shares to an existing shareholder’s certificate! To do so, open an entity record and:

  1. Navigate to Securities > Shares/Units

  2. Within the Transaction tab, click New

  3. Then choose Issuance

From this window, fill in the share or unit details, and make sure to select from an existing Shareholder and select the appropriate shareholder.

 Once selected, a checkbox will appear with the option to Add to Existing Certificate - Check this box to add shares to the existing certificate of the shareholder you selected.


Checking this box will reveal all existing certificate(s) for the selected shareholding - select the certificate you wish to issue the new shares to.


Click Next to move to the Certificates tab, here, you’ll see that the shares will be added to the selected certificate. Click Next to review the details and then choose Draft.


You’ll now see multiple issuances in the Transaction tab, but one certificate in the Certificates tab.


See below for a short walkthrough.