Transferring Shares onto an Existing Share Certificate

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Learn how to consolidate two or more certificates held by the same shareholder!

To consolidate two or more certificates held by the same shareholder, navigate to the entity whose share certificates you are wanting to consolidate.


Once you are in the entity's profile, select the Securities tab down the lefthand side of the screen, select Shares, and then select New as shown below.


A new window will pop up prompting you to select a type of transaction. Select Transfer, and then enter the number of shares you would like to transfer in the Amount section. In the From section, enter the shareholder transferring the shares as well as the certificate being affected by the share transfer and the amount of shares to be transferred from the said certificate.


In the To section, select Select from an existing shareholding and select the shareholder receiving the transferred shares. Once the shareholder is selected, navigate to the bottom of the window and check off Add to existing certificate. Once you make this selection, you will be prompted to select the share certificate to which you want to add the transferred shares. Check off the appropriate certificate and select Next.


The following message will appear in the Certificate Issuance tab confirming that the shares will be transferred to an existing certificate. Review the information in the Review tab and then select Transfer to complete the transfer of shares.