Retraction Transactions

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Learn how to retract shares in Athennian!

In order to conduct a redemption, repurchase, cancellation or retraction of shares from a shareholding back into an entity's treasury, you must first have shareholdings with issued shares.


To retract shares, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the entity for which you would like to do a retraction transaction;

  2. Navigate to the Securities > Shares section down the lefthand side of the screen;

  3. In the Transactions tab, select + New - a list of various transactions will appear;

  4. Select Cancellation from the list of transactions - a workflow will open up;

  5. Fill in the Transaction Date and Resolution Date; if you do not yet have these dates, check off Blank Transaction Date/Blank Resolution Date and fill them in at a later time - note: if you check off Blank Transaction Date, underlines will appear in the documents when you generate them where the dates would have appeared;

  6. In the Select Type field, select Retract;

  7. In the Number of shares field, enter the number of shares you wish to retract, and enter the Price per share if applicable;

  8. In the From section, select the shareholder from which you would like to retract shares;

  9. A list of the share certificates issued to that shareholder will appear - check off the certificate(s) from which you would like to retract the shares;

  10. A line will appear next to each certificate number - enter the amount of shares to be retracted from each certificate - note: make sure that the numbers you enter in the certificates section match up with the amount you entered in the Number of shares field;

  11. Check off Leave balance on certificate if you would like to leave the balance shares (where applicable) on the original certificate - note: if you do not check this off and there is a balance left on the certificate, the original certificate will be cancelled and a new certificate will be issued with the balance;

  12. Click Next and move on to the Review tab, review the information and select Retract;

  13. You will notice the retraction transaction appear in the Transactions section, and in the Certificates section you will see the related certificates;

  14. You can then proceed to generate documents to support this transaction as required.