Merging Entity Addresses

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Learn how to merge entity addresses in Athennian!

Athennian has created a tool that allows you to merge multiple addresses or to clean up multiple entries of one address in the database.


Entity Addresses


To merge multiple addresses or to clean up multiple entries of one address of an entity, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the entity for which you would like to merge addresses;

  2. Navigate to the General > Addresses and Agents tab;

  3. From the list of addresses, check off the ones you would like to either merge or clean up;

  4. At the top of the list, select # Selected and then select Combine from the dropdown list;

  5. A new window will pop up showing you the details on the different addresses and you will notice two sections: Primary Address and Replaced Address - the Primary Address will be the surviving address;

  6. If you would like to swap out the Primary Address listed for one of the replaced addresses, simply hover over the desired Replaced Address and select Set Primary to swap it in;

  7. Once you will have arranged the addresses, select Confirm - note: once you select Confirm, a window will pop up advising you that the Primary Address will inherit all associations and references from the replaced address listed;

  8. Click Yes to confirm.

Video Instructions: