Adding Registrations to an Entity

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Also called EP Registration (Canada) and Foreign Qualification (US)

To add a new Foreign Qualification, and Extra-Provincial Registration, or any other type of registration to an entity in Athennian, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the entity profile for which you would like to add a registration;

  2. In the General section, navigate to the Registrations tab;

  3. Select + New - a window will pop up prompting you to add the new registration information;

  4. In the Type field, select the type of registration you would like to create;

  5. In the Jurisdiction field, select the jurisdiction of the registration;

  6. Add the Registration Number, Management Responsibility and fill in the remainder of the fields in this tab as necessary;

  7. Click on Show more to add the Primary and Secondary Responsible Professional for the registration
  8. In the Registration Dates tab, enter the applicable dates - note: when choosing a Bring Forward Date, you’ll want to pick the day you would like to be reminded to do the annual maintenance for this registration;

  9. You can also create a compliance task and reminder (only applicable to EP and Foreign Qualifications) from the Registration Dates tab - note: to set up a compliance task, you will need to make sure to enter a Bring Forward Date

  10. In the Agent & Address section, if you already have an agent listed in the jurisdiction of this registration, that agent will be listed here. If you do not, you will need to check off Specify Additional Agent/Address and then select the applicable agent - note: if the agent is not yet listed in the Addresses & Agents tab, you will be able to click New in this window and add in the new agent to the list;

  11. If you do not have an agent for that specific registration, simply leave the Agent & Address section blank and move on to the next section;

  12. In the Documents section, if you have documents located in the Virtual Minute Book that you would like to link to this registration, you can do so by clicking on the + Link Documents button and then selecting the document(s) from the Virtual Minute Book - note: if you are not ready to link documents, you can nevertheless create the registration and then come back to it at a later date to link in the applicable documents;

  13. Finally, navigate to the Review tab, confirm that all of the information is accurate, and click Create;

  14. If you have not yet prepared the documentation for the registration, set the status of the registration to Pending;

  15. Your new registration will appear in the Registrations tab of the entity;

  16. If you created a Registration Compliance Task, this task will appear in the Tasks section of the entity's profile;

  17. Once you're ready to create the task to generate the documentation relating to the registration, navigate to the Tasks section, select + New, and then select Registration Compliance in the task Type field;

  18. Link the registration to the task by selecting it from the Registration Field;

  19. Navigate through the tabs entering the applicable information;

  20. Navigate to the 3. Supporting Documents tab, select + Supporting Documents and then search for the applicable supporting documents;

  21. Click Create to create the task, and then click Generate documents;

  22. Click View Documents Now to go to the newly generated document, complete it, and send it out for signature/filing;

  23. Once the document is completed, navigate back to the task, and click on the status in the top righthand corner;

  24. From the dropdown list, select Completed;

  25. Go back to the registration record in the General > Registrations section and set the status of the registration to Confirmed.

Want to see this in action? Watch the video tutorial:


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