Share Certificate Consolidation

  • Updated

Our certificate consolidation workflow has been improved!

With Athennian, Share Certificate Consolidations are easier than ever!


To consolidate multiple certificates:

  1. Open an entity record and then select Securities > Shares/Units

  2. At the top, select the Certificates tab

  3. Using the selectors to the left, select the certificate(s) you want to consolidate

  4. A Consolidate button will appear at the top, to the right of the ‘Generate Selected’ option

  5. Click Consolidate

A transaction window will appear, displaying several different options for your consolidation.


Follow the workflow, making sure to add a sort number, certificate code (if applicable) and ledger number before reviewing the details and then clicking Draft.


In addition to the changes on the Certificates tab, you’ll also be able to see the consolidation transaction on the Transactions tab.


⚠ On the Certificates page, don’t forget that you can filter your certificates, with the ability to mask cancelled certificates.