Creating Virtual Minute Book Headers/Tabs

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Creating virtual minute book headers and a table of contents in Athennian!

Virtual minute books are becoming essential as the legal community embraces technology and the need to access corporate records from any location. The ability to create virtual minute books is done easily within the Athennian database. To start, learn how to create virtual minute book headers by following these simple steps:


Creating Headers

  1. Navigate to the entity where the virtual minute book is to be created for;

  2. Navigate to the Virtual Minute Book section of that entity - there are two tabs on the left-hand side: Minute Book and All Documents - this is where all of the different virtual minute book headers and documents are listed;

  3. Select Header to create the titles or "minute book tabs" that are to be reflected in the virtual minute book - a new window will pop up to prompt to Enter header name;

  4. Type in the name of the first header as desired to be set out in the virtual minute book and select the Create tab;

  5. To add more headers, select Action at the top of the list to open up a dropdown menu, and then select New Header;

  6. As the headers are created, there is also the ability to move the order that the headers are set out by selecting that header and moving into where desired on that screen;

  7. To create a subheader within a header, move to the header desired to add a subheader to;

  8. Open that header and then create a header within that first header. For example, a header called Agreements was created but wanted to further break that up into various types of agreements, it is possible to do that within that header;

  9. The headers created will also show up in the Table of Contents as they are created;

  10. Hit the refresh button on the Table of Contents and all changes will be instantly reflected.

Video Instructions on Creating Headers:

Please note that documents deleted from the Virtual Minute Book cannot be retrieved. Please take extra caution when doing so.