Creating Profile Addresses

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This article defines what a profile address is, the types of profile addresses available in Athennian, and how to create one!


A Profile address is an address that is specific to an entity and cannot be imported from another entity or person when creating the address. Business, Billing, Delivery, Head Office, and Mailing are all types of profile addresses that can be created.

To create a profile address, navigate to the General section of an entity and click on Addresses. In the Profile tab, click on New.

  • Search
    • Address Search - Enter an address location. This field is integrated with google maps
    • Attention - Enter the name of the person who would attend to mails at this address
    • Address Type - Select from the drop-down menu if the address being created is the Mailing, Head Office, or Billing Address for example
  • Address Fields
    • Enter the City, Province/State, Country, and Post Code/Zip of the address
    • Click on the Add field for additional fields like Street Number, Suite/Apartment Number, or PO Box information. Use the trash can icon to delete an incorrect entry.
  • Communications 
    •  Communications on addresses are particularly used to add contact information specific to a particular address. For example, a phone number for a specific address. To do so, click on the +Communications button to add a business, cell phone, or mobile information to the address.