September 15, 2022: What’s new in Athennian

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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Charts: Improved export quality 

We’re thrilled users have been taking advantage of our recently improved charts!  The size of some of your charts blew our expectations out of the water.  In order to ensure you’re getting the details you need on the larger reports, we’ve upgraded the PDF and PNG exports.  Your exports of larger charts in PDF or PNG will now be more clear when zooming in!

Combined Home and all other Registrations in Custom Reports 

We’ve heard that many of you are tracking and managing your home registrations and other registrations all together.  To help streamline this process, we’ve brought Home Registration data into Registration fields in Custom Reports.  You can find both Home and all other Registration data in the following fields:

  • Registration Name (will be the name of the entity when it’s for home)
  • Registration Type (will be ‘Home Registration’ when it’s for home)
  • Bring forward date
  • Jurisdiction - Country
  • Jurisdiction - Region