Add a Custom Cover Page to Your Minute Book

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In Athennian, we've introduced a new feature to enhance your Minute Book experience: the ability to add a custom cover page. This feature helps create consistent branding and a seamless experience for client service. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of adding a custom cover page to your Minute Book.


Note: This feature is limited to users with Administrator level permissions and requires our Enterprise Software Package.


How to Upload your cover page

  1. In the Minute Book, select Action and open the drop-down menu. 
  2. Click on Cover Page and Choose Local Files
  3. This will open your desktop folder and allow you to upload a PDF or Word document as your cover page
  4. Once selected, click on Submit

You should now see your document uploaded as a cover page, and listed as the first item in your document list to the left of the table of contents.

How to Delete, Download or Replace your Cover Page

  1. Once you have added your cover page successfully, select the three action dots to the right of the custom cover page title
  2. Click on either Download, Replace or Delete depending on your workflow
  3. Follow the prompts to finish the action

Note: Make sure you name your cover page correctly before uploading a new one, or replacing an existing one. 


How to Download your Minute Book and include or exclude the Cover Page

  1. If you’d like to download your Minute Book as a PDF and include the cover page, open the action menu and select download as PDF.
  2. Select Include cover page in the options menu
  3. Click Download PDF

Note: To exclude the cover page, follow the above steps and unselect the include cover page option.


A step-by-step video tutorial:

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