January 11, 2024: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This week, our focus in Product and Engineering at Athennian was directed toward enhancing key aspects across three primary areas:

  • API Functionality: we're continually expanding capabilities, particularly in people records, documents, and securities. Ongoing testing and refinement of API components aim to create a smoother and more robust overall experience

  • General Improvements: we've implemented updates across various features and sections of the application. Notable enhancements include label updates in people sections, improved profile creation experiences in the access section, consistency in reminder notification frequency, increased the character limits in FinCEN ID fields, and improved bulk editing functionality for issuance transactions, to name a few.
  • System Health: Our commitment to optimizing site performance also continues. Users can now experience consistent, industry-standard load times, ensuring swift and efficient navigation through daily workflows.

The comprehensive breakdown of some of these improvements is provided below for reference.


  • Updated  the People > History label for enhanced clarity.
  • Resolved the issue preventing the creation of new person profiles in the Roles & Permissions section.
  • Addressed occasional failures in sending reminders with custom frequencies.
  • Increased character limits in the FinCEN ID field for improved data inclusion.
  • Enabled bulk editing functionality for issuance transactions for new Roles & Permissions users.
  • Completed refactoring of the API Person schema for enhanced performance and functionality.
  • Improved the 'create' mutation functionality in the Registrations API for smoother user experiences.
  • Addressed the issue where global name changes and administrative edits did not update shareholdings globally for Person records.
  • Resolved site slowness issues related to Custom Reports (Affiliations.
  • Added support for the API update flow in Registrations for more seamless user interactions.
  • Implemented rate limiting on email-triggering processes, specifically for the 'Forgot Password' feature
  • Multiple API updates and enhancements throughout people, documents, registrations, affiliations and entities.