January 25, 2024: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This week, Athennian's Product and Engineering team focused on significant improvements across three key areas. We’ve updated some things in DXT and Documents for smoother operations, fine-tuned the platform's performance and overall System Health, and worked on the API to better fit customers' evolving needs. Take a look at our detailed list of items below:

Application Updates and System Health:

  • People Search function is now working seamlessly.
  • Improved post R&P migration performance, addressing task loading times.
  • Resolved bugs related to the inability to delete Empty Shareholding and Search function issues.
  • Enhanced our Read-Only users interaction with Tasks.
  • Fixed the wording on the email that is sent when inviting a user to a group without any expiration date.
  • Addressed display issues on the Overview page, ensuring the Contact displays the selected address from Affiliations.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to click "Join Athennian Now" via the invitation link.
  • Fixed missing hyperlinks in Principals/Affiliations/Associations to Entity/People records in R&P/Access.
  • Implemented new email templates
  • Added "Add" button to all areas with Profile in the Access Section.
  • Enabled Post migrated read-only users to view data within the app.
  • Ensured that Documents and Folders are copied when creating a new entity from a template for new R&P users.
  • Excluded test data/duplicates from dropdown lists during migration in R&P/Access.
  • Updated shared address communications to reflect in associated registrations.
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to edit templates/documents in MS Office Online due to session expiration.
  • Addressed the inability to merge documents from Merge/Amalgamate Task


API Enhancements:

  • We’ve continued backend work on the API enhancements across securities, documents, registrations and affiliations.

Document Automation & DXT Coding:

  • Addressed the problem of hidden profiles appearing in DXT.
  • Ensured entity_registrations collection is included in the legacy variables list in DXT.
  • Resolved the overlap of text in Supporting Documents modal.
  • Resolved issues with Bulk Doc Generation workflow not generating documents.