February 1, 2024: Performance Updates

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This week, our team has been working around the clock to enhance your experience in Athennian, and we're thrilled to share the latest update. Here's a glimpse of what we've addressed so far, while continuing work in remaining areas:

Speed Improvements:

  • The "People" section now loads significantly faster, enhancing your overall interaction speed.
  • When searching Entities or Persons for Affiliations or Principals, you'll experience a noticeable boost in performance.
  • Within the Entities and People overview, the occurrence of blank page returns during navigation through list pages has been successfully addressed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Deleted classes no longer incorrectly appear in Structure Charts, so all ownership percentages and overviews are accurate and in line with your active transactions and classes.
  • Users are able to successfully add share transactions without running into any error messages in the securities section.
  • Searching for Users in Tasks and Reminders is now functioning as expected, delivering accurate results.

Task Section Enhancement:

  • The Task section has been enhanced to offer a comprehensive overview by displaying both New/Pending tasks automatically. This improvement goes beyond the previous limitation of only showing Overdue Tasks. To maximize the value of this section, we encourage you to explore the filtering options for Task statuses, including "Completed," conveniently located at the top of your screen. Additionally, the "All" button allows you to view all selected tasks.

Document Generation Improvement:

  • Effortlessly generate documents in the background as you focus on your tasks. Once completed, these documents are automatically integrated into the Document section of the corresponding Entity or Person’s profile

Stay tuned as we will be sending over more updates and improvements tonight!