February 3, 2024: Performance Updates

Charlé West
Charlé West
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We're excited to announce the final feature release of the week, aimed at enhancing both performance and functionality in Athennian. In this update, we've introduced comprehensive improvements that will drastically enhance your team's experience when navigating the application. 

Performance Improvements:

  • Addressed the issue in Athennian where the "Items per page" at the bottom of multiple sections would not retain the selected limit after navigating to the next page. 
  • Drastically improved load times in the Registrations section, including those labeled as type "other."
  • Improved the overall performance of certificates within Athennian.
  • Restored site performance across affiliations to optimal speeds.
  • Heightened the performance speed of shareholdings, ensuring faster processing.
  • Successfully addressed and resolved the performance lag identified in our transactions section.

Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced BC E-file workflow to ensure the use of user credentials from your user profile is consistent.
  • Addressed the issue where the last page in a range of pages for certain sections (such as Affiliations or Principals) was not displaying or loading any information.
  • Fixed the issue connected to the error message received when editing file names in the Minute Book, ensuring successful edits without any disruptions.
  • Resolved the issue of multiple "System Team" folders being created, which blocked overall access to the documents area.
  • We addressed the issue where an Audit log entry was created when simply viewing the details of a person from synthesized records created upon migration. Audit logs will now only reflect changes that should be tracked.
  • Restored the tooltip for the “create compliance reminder” button, which did not display when the Home Report Bring Forward date was not specified in the entity compliance section.
  • Users can now select the appropriate Access Groups for New Entities/People when creating a new record.
  • Archived access groups are no longer listed when creating a new entity or person profile.
  • Adapted search functionality to allow for lowercase entity names or numbered entity names to be listed as expected when sorting by the entity name column.
  • Restored alphabetical sorting order for the People Name Column.
  • Implemented a narrower People Search logic to generate expected results when a First and Last name are searched for together.

Documents and DXT: 

  • DXT V2BC {name} variable for a person profile in legacy collections to be updated
  • DXT RES/AR_affiliations populating inactive participants
  • Fixed an issue where DXT collection for Committees was returning empty.