February 9, 2024: Product Updates

Kyle Marks
Kyle Marks
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This evening we released a series of improvements to address performance and consistency through out Athennian. The detailed list is as follows:

  • Enhanced the window design for creating new entities, now visible in various workflows including entity creation from the Entities page and during relationship additions.
  • Implemented a loading icon for the Documents and Minute Book sections to indicate when large entity records are being loaded.
  • Introduced performance enhancements in the Audit Trail and across Securities for a smoother, more efficient experience.
  • Fixed an issue in Securities where the loading screens were not displaying information correctly when switching between Classes.
  • Improved document navigation in the Minute Book by keeping the document list visible at all times and ensuring only the selected document is shown.
  • Added a loading spinner for loading responsible professionals in the compliance section and eliminated the misleading “No Responsible Professionals” message when they are present.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive addresses would display on the People page.