February 22, 2024: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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We’ve made some updates to the Beta Features that were released on Tuesday morning. Here’s what you’ll notice in Athennian today:

Entity Overview Customization - Edit Display

Overview: The “edit display” now allows users to hide or show "principals" or "ownership"as categories which works for all entity types.

Why: This feature enhancement aims to improve user experience by streamlining the display of information. By grouping together ownership and principles into sections and automatically adjusting terminology based on entity type, users can easily navigate and view relevant information without unnecessary clutter. This customization aligns with different workflows and roles within the organization, providing a tailored view for each user.


Charts: Capital Classes Show/Hide Filter

Overview: The functionality of showing capital classes has been moved from a toggle to a show/hide filter in the charts section.

Why: This update enhances accessibility and usability by centralizing the functionality within the filters. Users can now easily expand or collapse the display of capital classes for a clearer visualization of ownership structure. By defaulting the view as hidden, users can quickly generate charts with collapsed classes, or expose the classes by filtering to “show”, providing an easier view of overall ownership.


Charts: Allow Single Entity to be Re-shown in Edit Mode 

Overview: Users can now hide or unhide specific entities in edit mode by clicking on their "closed" eye icon.

Why: This feature enhancement provides users with more flexibility and control over editing structure charts. Users can now selectively hide or unhide individual connections, allowing for a more detailed and tailored view of ownership. This functionality is particularly useful for users managing large charts who need to manipulate connections for specific purposes, such as fulfilling KYC requests or customizing charts for third-party stakeholders.