April 11, 2024: What’s New in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This update emphasizes enhancing user experience through document management improvements, navigational refinements, and important bug fixes. Here’s what’s been improved, updated  and fixed:

  • Document Resolution: Completed enhancements to the document previews and the PDF quality post-signature ensure your documents are presented at their best.

  • Profile Addresses: Adjustments now ensure profile address dates are displayed correctly on the Addresses page.
  • Entity Search: Refined the entity search functionality within the pop-up windows to return results for names with special characters, such as apostrophes, matching the searching experience with other areas of the application. 

  • Access Roles: Fixed an issue when changing the role of a user from “summary-only” to “user” would cause Tasks to not load on the Dashboard and provide an error message. 

  • Audit Trail: Improved the layout and format of the audit trail entries on a go forward basis. Removing some unwanted “code” variables that were displayed. 

  • Share Splits: Resolved an issue that caused unwanted error messages to display during successful share split workflows.

  • Login: Fixed a login issue for users with special characters in their email addresses, ensuring everyone can access smoothly

  • Supporting Documents Generation: Fixed an issue with text overlap when selecting supporting documents if the document title was longer than we expected. 

  • Minute Book Zip File Downloads: Adjusted the workflow for when downloading minute books into zip files to download in the background and provides notifications when the download has been started and completed. This allows users to download larger minute books more efficiently and effectively.