Generating Documents in Athennian

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In Athennian, documents can be generated with just the click of a few buttons! From organizational documents to annual renewal forms to complex security transaction documentation, Athennian can do it all.
Here's a quick reference list to what can be generated where in Athennian.
General > Overview Section
  • Corporation profile
  • Jurisdictions list
Securities > Shares/Units Section
  • Securities Register
  • Shareholders Register
  • Securities transaction supporting documents
Principals Section
  • Directors Register
  • Officers Register
  • Transparency Register
  • Change of directors supporting documents
  • Change of officers supporting documents
Reports Section
  • Pre-defined reports (Reports)
    • Custom coded templates
    • Pre-coded templates (standard)
  • Customized reports (Custom Reports)
    • Create custom reports within the application for EntityDetails, Compliance, Registration, Addresses & Agents.
    • Tasks:
      • Lists of entities
      • Notes
      • Domestic / Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Organizational charts (Org Charts)
  • List of interests of an entity (Interests)
  • List of associations of an entity (Associations)


  • Resolutions
  • By-laws
  • Government Forms


  • Interests
In the tasks section, documents can be generated for everything from the creation to the dissolution of an entity. In this short video, it will be demonstrated how to generate change of principals documents in a task and how you can connect data to a task so that, upon completion, Athennian can update the related fields for you in the entity's profile.