March 17, 2023: What's new in Athennian

Taki Mhd
Taki Mhd
  • Updated


Improved the accuracy for scaled/ bulk workflows

Fixed filter inconsistency for entity selection. We improved entity filtering to ensure "and" filtering on the fields selected and "or" filtering in between the fields selected. 

Bulk Document Generation results have been refined to return only entities for the "annual" compliance, and only registrations for the "registration" compliance. This means that users will no longer receive error messages regarding entities that do not match the criteria since selection is directly based on user defined filters for "annual" or "registration" settings.


Document File Type

Document section now accurately displays file type information. 



Shared addresses now appear for OpenAPI results on registration.
Entities list now displaying properly after favouriting/combining actions. 
Summary-only users are now able to access charts.