December 7, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This week's enhancements predominantly targeted the API, Access, and Security facets of our application, each contributing significant value to its overall functionality.

  • API Functionality: Our development efforts were dedicated to expanding the functionality of the registrations, entity, and address APIs. Additionally, we initiated updates to the people API, further enriching the application's capabilities.

  • Access Section: A primary focus during the week was on Summary Only users, refining permissions, and introducing restrictions for affiliations and read-only access groups. These enhancements update the overall user experience and streamline access control.

  • Security: A large portion of this weeks efforts were also set towards reinforcing the application's existing security measures.


  • The registrations GraphQL schema has been updated to seamlessly support all registration fields.
  • API matter number filtering has been successfully added to registrations, enhancing the filtering capabilities.
  • Access issues with Summary Only User document templates have been addressed and resolved.
  • You can now successfully set the company group back to "Not Indicated" without it reverting to the deleted status.
  • API documentation has been streamlined and automated for efficient updates and maintenance.
  • The option to link with Access Group(s) is now visible when importing entities using AthFormat.
  • The issue with the API function for reading Access Groups has been resolved, ensuring accurate and reliable access group information retrieval.
  • The API is now successfully hooked up to existing Athennian service endpoints, improving overall connectivity and functionality.
  • Data is now appropriately hidden when adding summary-only Person or Entity records as affiliations.