November 16, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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Our focus this week has been on enhancing the efficiency and stability of our platform, with a particular emphasis on response optimization, roles and permission stability, and access section updates. Here's a concise overview of the key areas we concentrated on:

  • Platform Optimization: Our team has worked at optimizing the platform response time for large entity and people queries, bringing our users efficiency with varying data set sizes.

  • Roles and Permissions: We’ve improved search response accuracy, fine tuned read-only user permissions, fixed errors with default status fields in user groups, and brought back the ability to combine people and entity profiles.

  • Workflows and Tools: We’ve addressed errors in word online access, stabilized shareholding address errors, improved template entity functionality, fixed global name change workflows, and worked on driving accurate date translations in documents.

For the full list of improvements see below.


  • Improved response time for entity and people queries, enhancing platform efficiency.
  • Resolved issue where people search failed with middle name/initial, ensuring accurate results.
  • Shareholding Address: Restored Shareholding Address Option in Securities/Shareholdings tab.
  • Restored the ability for  read-only users to view entity notes.
  • Fixed translation issues in documents, ensuring accurate English and French date displays.
  • Resolved default inactive status error for User Groups.
  • Ensured protection and maintenance of all service routes.
  • Global Name Change has been fixed, allowing successful global name changes for entities.
  • Enabled conversion of existing entities into template entities.
  • Updated Word Online access for seamless integration with Roles and Permissions.
  • Fixed addresses errors and they now appear in the People list as expected.
  • Restored functionality to combine person profiles in Roles and Permissions.
  • Users with the user system role can now combine entities in Roles and Permissions.