November 2, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This week’s updates are centered around improving our platform's document template stability, entity filtering accuracy and data migration tool performance.

  • Entity Filters: Our team has implemented significant improvements to our entity filter system, ensuring higher accuracy and better performance.
  • Migration Tool Accuracy: Our migration tool, designed to seamlessly transfer external data into Athennian, has been fine-tuned. These updates allow for a greater degree of consistency, even with increasingly larger data sets.
  • Document and DXT performance: We have refined various aspects of our documents and templates, focusing on both consistency and stability in the DXT code.


For the full list of improvements see below.


  • Entity Filters are now consistent and will return accurate results for all clients, when set.
  • Sub-templates can be added to all document templates without any error.
  • imported documents will no longer have missing header structures and will be able to open as expected.
  • The view all toggle is fixed and visible for supporting documents
  • Inactive shareholders addresses are functioning as expected in the document template DXT components.
  • Athennian E-Sign functionality has been restored, allowing users to complete the signature workflow directly from the email sign button.
  • Athennian Docusign functionality is also fully restored, enabling a successful signature workflow completion.