October 26th, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This week’s updates are hyper-focused on improving our platform's Access Section usability, flexibility, and performance.

  • Access Section: We’ve refined the Access Group section so it’s more consistent in functionality, performance and design
  • Tool Stability: The tool we use to introduce clients to the new Role & Permissions feature has been worked on to become more robust 
  • Permissioning and Navigation: User Profiles have been upgraded to provide more detail and visibility
  • System Health: We’ve fixed a few bugs to help increase functionality and navigation

For the full list of improvements see below.


  • The number of records for the All People Group displayed in Access now matches the number displayed within the Access Group.
  • Read-only and Summary Only users will no longer see the delete or save buttons in early access. 
  • UX updates now ensure we have default values selected when creating entities or people
  • You can now see a user’s role and title in the Access Section which provides more accuracy and visibility for Administrators
  • Structural updates have been made to the migration tools used for roles and permissions
  • Users can now click on and open principals, affiliations and associations without running into any errors