November 30, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
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This week’s release includes some exciting new updates! The primary focus areas our development and product teams centered around included refining structure chart functionality, advancing ongoing API efforts, and attending to migration and general system improvements. 

  • Structure Charts: Our team has been working on extending structure chart functionality to allow for the grouping and movement of entity and people boxes once charts are exported, as well as incorporating messaging and visible restrictions to certain entity elements when information is excluded from a users defined access group.

  • API Functionality: The work and optimization of Address and Entity API continues, working towards seamless communication between various platform fields and components.

  • Migration Work and General Improvements: Several bug fixes and enhancements were made to minute book header imports, migration of folders and documents, adding registrations in the compliance section, email notification branding, affiliation loading and custom reports.

For the full list of improvements see below.


  • Implemented messaging/alerts for restricted structure chart information.
  • Enabled structure charts to export to pptx format with a legend.
  • Worked on Address and Registration API functionality.
  • Resolved minute book header import issues.
  • Found a solution for the empty folders that were showing up in the documents section when imported via the migration tool.
  • Fixed the inability to select "+ Add Registrations" in the Compliance Section when adding a Responsible professional.
  • Addressed customer branding not showing on certain email notifications.
  • Fixed certain areas where object IDs were breaking in custom reports when generated.
  • Resolved affiliations not loading.
  • Fixed non-R&P/AffV3 holdings not loading on the entity overview page and issues with cash dividends display.