May 10, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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Grouping in Custom Reports

Athennian Next Generation
When generating Custom Reports it can become cumbersome when you have multiple Registrations or Participants.  In order to help you refine your reports so you’re only seeing information as many times as necessary - we’ve added the Group By functionality so you can arrange the identical data into groups.  Ex. if the entity field is getting returned in multiple rows because there are multiple registrations associated with it, Group By will arrange these rows in a group by listing returning the Entity Name once, and a new column for each Registration.  

Group By can be applied in all Custom Report tabs for Entity Name and in the Registration tab you can also Group By Registration Type or Registration Type and Affiliation Role. 


Additionally, you may only want to return a single Affiliation Role in your report.  We have also included a new filter with Registration Affiliation Details: Role called “filter” allowing you to do just that!




Default tax structures in Charts have been tweaked

To remain consistent with IRS standards, we have made a couple updates to the shapes representing the following tax structures in Charts.  You will now find the following Tax Structure > Shape:

  • Branch > Oval
  • Hybrid/CTB > Upward pointing triangle inside rectangle
  • Reverse Hybrid/rCTB > Downward pointing triangle inside rectangle


Sticky fingers?  No thank you.  Sticky filters?  Yes please!

Athennian Next Generation
Using filters can be a quick way to reduce the time it takes to limit views and see only the information relevant for getting your job done.  But if you have to reset the filter every time you go back to the previously filtered view, there goes that saved time!  We’ve got you covered!  Filters set in Shared Addresses, Principals, Relationships, Affiliations, and Participants will, after navigating away, still be set when you come back!