May 17, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Ari Tegshee
Ari Tegshee
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Customizable colors and shapes in Charts
Enterprise Level Only
Internal teams like different colors than your bank?  Use entity types that aren’t explicitly listed in the Charts legend?  Not concerned about tax structures?  Then, this is the update for you!  You can now apply the colors or shapes you choose to jurisdictions, tax structures, and any entity type you choose!  Check out the Help Centre article for a full tour!


Annual Compliance and Formation Tasks: E-filing functionality is now available
Athennian Next Generation
BC E-Filing now seamlessly completes all your Formation and Annual Compliance related filings with BC Corporate Registry.

Archived Custom Templates in Tasks: Warning message gives users a heads-up
Athennian Next Generation
When an archived template(s) is being used in tasks, a warning message contains the name list of the archived template(s) suggesting users to re-select or remove the deleted template from the task. 



  • Download Document shortcut 

Summary-only users are now able to download documents from a special link when document generation is Successful. 

  • User password now can be revealed 

Users now can reveal passwords that typed in when creating new accounts or resetting  passwords

  • Audit trail now displays share class name

When a new share class was created in the Entity>Governance section, the audit trial now displays the share class name accurately

  • Share class Created date is now pulling correct date for a new share class

After a share class was duplicated in the Entity>Governance section, the new share class now populates today's date in the Created Date field.

  • Users now can generate documents from Word Reports (Legacy)

Documents are now able to be generated through Reports> Legacy Reports (MS Word)