June 7, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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Charts: save legends with different formatting
Enterprise Level Only

Have different stakeholders with differing preferences on how their Charts should look?  No problem!  Saving multiple legends with different format configurations is easy!  



Expiry Dates for Identification information

It’s important to ensure you have all the relevant identification information on certain Person Profiles.  Equally important is ensuring that information is up to date.  To help you stay on top of maintaining identification information we’ve added fields for both Drivers License and Passport Expiry Dates.


Spring cleaning on automated emails 🌷

Keep an eye out in your inbox for automated emails via Athennian.  They’ve got a new look and are looking fresh!

Tax Status and Tax Structure for all!

Tax Status and Tax Structure are not always exclusive to the USA, so we’ve ensured you can set the Tax Status and/or Tax Structure to any entity, regardless of jurisdiction.  



  • You can update and save a shareholding without a “Legal and Beneficial Owner”