July 12, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
  • Updated


  • Charts: Customize Jurisdiction down to Region
    We’ve added filtering capabilities to our jurisdiction filters in charts. Users will now be able to tailor a structure chart to region, which will help adjust the information you need to work with at a more granular level.


  • Principals: Director Role defaults Sub-Role to Director
    When you go to Principals and add a Director, we’ll automatically add the sub-role as Director as well. You can always change this sub-role, but we’re saving you some time during the initial process. This will eliminate a lot of clicking and help streamline the process of changing and updating principals in entities.


  • Interactive Legend in Charts
    The assignment of shapes to a newly added entity type in charts is now working smoothly. All errors have been resolved 🔥