August 24, 2023: What’s new in Athennian

Charlé West
Charlé West
  • Updated


  • Bulk Edit for Principals and Affiliations
    We’ve restored bulk edit functionality in our principals and affiliations section. You will now be able to update the status, effective date, end date and role type across multiple records at once. This will help drive efficiency and allow you to do more in the application at any one time, while still maintaining data accuracy.

  • Extend Entity list page to fill out screen
    We’ve changed the way the entity list page responds to the amount of entities shown at a time. Instead of condensing the overview to scroll through only a handful of entities at a time, it will now adapt to the number of items setting you apply per page. 




  • Merge Documents for Summary and Read-Only Roles
    Our users will once again be able to merge documents on the overview page, like corporate summaries, with summary only or read-only roles. 

  • BC-Efile: Incorporator Role
    When using the BC e-file workflow, if one of the incorporators is an entity, the filing will no longer fail and will work as expected.