Change a Person's Name

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Whether fixing a typo or implementing a legal name change, the following steps illustrate how to change a person's name in Athennian.

Change of Person's Name

  1. In the People section, search and open the required People record 
  2. In the Contact section click on the field to be changed: First, Middle, or Last 
  3. Once one of those fields has been changed, new options will appear relating to the Edit 

    if the Administrative Edit checkbox is selected, the change will not be tracked in the Audit Trail, and Securities Transactions will not be updated, but any Affiliations or Associations related to the People record will be updated.  (Most commonly used to correct a typo before issuing any transactions.)

  4. Click Update to save the changes and the Global Name Change window will appear
  5. Adjust the Effective Date as needed 
  6. Select the appropriate Update Type
    • Review Shareholdings Within Each Affiliated Entity - select this option if you want to cancel and reissue existing certificates with the new entity name 
    • Globally Update all Shareholdings - this option will automatically update all existing Shareholdings for this entity, no further work is required (unless a Share Certificate needs to be reprinted with the new name)
  7. Click the Confirm button in the bottom right corner to complete the name change

Note: Once the name of the entity record has been updated, be sure to review the Person record for any follow-up procedures required by your organization. For example:  

  • Generate new documents to save in Entities' Minute Books
  • If "Review Shareholdings" was selected above, none of that Entity's holdings will have been updated with the new name, complete the appropriate Shareholder Name Change transactions