Organizational Addresses on People Records

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This article provides steps on how to create an organizational address in Athennian!

Organizational addresses represent an entity that a person is acting on behalf of. For example, John Smith works for Athennian and represents them as an agent for another entity.

To create an organizational address, Navigate to the People section of the application, and search for the person record where the address is to be created. Click on Addresses > Shared > New and walk through the four tabs to create the address.


1. Participant

The PROFILE TYPE is set to Entity.

Click on the Participant field to select the entity and Add Notes if needed.

2. Addresses

To add an address, click the blue + Address button.

Multiple addresses may be added by clicking the + Address button again and repeating the previous steps. Click on the New button to create a new address if needed.


3. Roles

Add the Organization Title as Employer or Organization by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the most relevant Role. Add a Custom Title if needed.


4. Review

And finally, this tab is to review that all relevant information has been entered accurately.

Once everything is confirmed accurate, click the blue Save button at the bottom right-hand corner of the box.