Creating a Person Record

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Learn how to create a person record in Athennian!

To add a person in Athennian, navigate to the People tab on the left. Once you've created a Person Record, you can connect that person to Entities as a director, officer, shareholder, or other roles. 


Creating a Person Record

To create a new person record, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the People section of Athennian;

  2. Click + New at the top of the screen;

  3. In the new window that pops up, you will notice various fields to be filled in - Note: the only required fields are those with the asterisks. However, the more information you enter into the database, the more you get out of it; (See Screenshot 1);

  4. In the Details tab, add a First Name and Last Name, and then add the Email, Gender, and Tax Residency as necessary - you can also enter a short bio on the person in the Notes section;

  5. In the Address (Optional) tab, you can enter an address in one of three ways:
    - Import an address from another entity/person profile using the Import From Profile field;
    - Search for an address in the Enter a location field using Google Maps;
    - Manually enter the address into the fields;

  6. You can always select + Add Field to add an additional field such as a Suite/Apartment or a P.O. Box number to an address;

  7. Once you've chosen your address, select Create to create the person record.

Screenshot 1: