Adding Addresses to a Person Record

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Learn how to add addresses to a Person Record in Athennian.

To learn how to add addresses to a person's profile in Athennian, follow these basic steps:

  • Navigate to the People tab.

  • Search and select the profile of the person to whom you would like to add an address.

  • Navigate to the Addresses tab.

  • Select New at the top of the screen - a new window will open up.

A drop-down will appear, choose Profile to add a Profile Address. 

1. Details

A new window will appear so you can enter a New Address.

In the Details section, enter the Persons Address Type by using the drop-down menu. If needed, you can add NOTES or the EFFECTIVE DATE, and END DATE if needed.

Note: Once you are done with each section, minimize the information by clicking on the up arrow on the right side to collapse the section.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B. 

2. Addresses 

  • In the Enter a location field, start typing the address, and let Google Maps do the searching for you. A list of addresses will appear below the field - simply select the field and watch Athennian populate the address fields below it with the address you've selected.

  • Select + Add Field to add an additional field to the address such as a Suite/Apartment number, PO Box, etc.

3. Communication

Communications on addresses are used to add contact information that is specific to a particular address. For example, a front desk phone number or generic email address. Click on + Add Communication to begin: 

4. Review

And finally, this tab is to review that all relevant information has been entered accurately.

Once everything is confirmed accurate, click the blue Create button at the bottom right-hand corner of the box.