April 6, 2022: What’s new in Athennian

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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Initial Return and Notice of Change are back for Ontario Efile

The eagerly awaited Efiling Initial Returns and Notice of Changes in Ontario are back!  After the changes made by the Ontario government, we are once again set up for filing both Initial Returns and Notice of Changes electronically.  We’ve added some new capabilities, like confirming you’ve selected the correct person as listed on the registration.  Check out the Help Center for full details on what can be expected in Initial Return and Notice of Change.

Better error handling when generating documents

There was some confusing messaging when documents were taking more than a minute to generate.  We have updated our notifications to better describe if the document generation has timed out or failed altogether to create more clarity


  • When completing a Dissolve Task, previously resigned directors remain resigned with their end dates intact
  • In upcoming Tasks on the Dashboard, users will see only the tasks assigned to said user