Adding an Association to a Person Record

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Learn how easy it is to add an Association directly from a person's profile in Athennian!

If you want to connect a Person Record to an Entity Record by way of a title, position or directorship, you’ll want to know how to add and manage Associations


Adding an Association

To add an Association to a Person Record you’ll want to navigate to the Associations tab inside of the Person Record. Under the Associations tab, you’ll be able to see all of the relationships this person has with different Entities or People. 


To add a new Association, click on the blue + New button and select the type of Association you want to create - Principals, Agents, Responsible Professional, Contact, Other Professional, or Shared Address. 


When the workflow opens it will open to the Profile tab which will automatically be filled with the information on the individual. Navigate to the 2. Entities tab to select the entity for which you are adding the individual.


Once you will have selected the Entity, navigate to the 3. Titles tab to enter the Title, Election Date, Resolution Date, and any other applicable information for the individual in the selected entity. Add additional titles by clicking on + Title.


Once you will have entered the applicable information in the 3. Titles section, navigate to the 4. Address tab to confirm the address of the individual. This tab will auto-populate with the address already on file, but if you want to change the address, select + Address and select from the list of the individual's other addresses.


Once the address information is entered, navigate to the 5. Review tab to confirm the information. Note that in this tab you also have the option to choose the status of the new role by clicking Confirmed in the top right corner of the window and selecting from the dropdown list.


Once you are satisfied with the information, select Create. The new Association will appear in the main window of the Associations tab, and will also appear on the connected Entity under Affiliations.