Document Template Manager Overview

Doc Auto Team
Doc Auto Team
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  1. Templates Navigation
    This button will take you to the Template Manager screen from anywhere in the Athennian Entity Manager. Only those who have access to view and edit templates will be able to see this button.

  2. New Template
    This button will allow you to upload new templates.

  3. Template Library Toggle
    This toggle will switch between viewing your custom document templates and the standard templates that are provided and maintained by the Athennian team.

  4. Search Bar, Display Per Page, and Page Navigation
    This is where you can search and navigate through all of your templates, as well as configure the number of templates to display per page.

  5. Title
    This is the title the users will see when generating documents.

  6. Tags
    You can set up tags for ease of searching as well as provide metadata for users.

  7. File Type
    Athennian is compatible with either Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) files.

  8. Subtemplates
    Subtemplates are can be found with the yellow S icon beside the file type.

  9. Created Date
    This displays the date when the template was uploaded.

  10. Modified Date
    This displays the latest date that the document settings were edited.